• Commercial Director | Marine Trade

    Aimee has immediately proved her worth. She’s professional and great as a PA… she can work from my vague directions and just gets on with things, taking responsibility and making decisions to get things done… the outcome is always great.

  • Marketing Manager | Recruitment Consultancy

    Energy and genuine passion… every piece of work reflects these qualities while being relevant and engaging… You can trust she has your best interests at heart and she is very diligent, dynamic…a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend!

  • Director | National Tea Supplier

    It was difficult for me at first to hand over control of my Social Media and marketing but Aimee did an amazing job of understanding my initial hesitations and eased me through the hand over process expertly…the results from having a professional involved have been great!

  • Director | Business Coach

    Aimee has made a lasting impact on my practice… she has undertaken a great many varied tasks and projects with enthusiasm and completed them to very high standard. She has become an integral part of my business and I hope we will work together for many years to come.

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