Top 5 Things to Write About When You Don’t Know What to Write About

Don’t worry, it happens to me too! You’re feeling inspired to write an article for your website but uh-oh…what to write about exactly?

Written content is a fantastic tool to drive traffic to your website and keep people engaged with your business. For SEO purposes and providing your customers with useful insight and advice, you can’t beat it.

It is a large part of what I do, to be able to write content at (often) short notice and if you haven’t been provided a brief of sort it can be even harder to come up with a great idea.

Here is my top 5 to refer to when it’s one of those ‘uh-oh’ moments:

What’s popular?

If you can, keep it topical to your business and industry. Yes, Beyoncé pregnant with twins broke Instagram records but if it’s not related to what you do, or what your customer-base is interested in, don’t waste your time trying to write an article about it (unless you have serious topic-spinning skills and can turn any trend into relative content!). is one of my favourite sites to generate ideas. To find topics that are currently trending run a search with your chosen keywords, or favourite websites, and you’ll soon see a list of the most shared posts for your target market.

You can also look to Twitter for trending hashtags, as well as your other favoured social media platforms. If it’s current, you can’t go far wrong.

Teach your audience

As an expert in your industry, one of the easiest ways to generate content is to teach your audience how to do something that you know well.

“How to” articles rank high in Google searches – how many of us ask Google for advice on a regular basis? Experts in their field wrote these relied-on articles, why not give it a try yourself? Almost like the popular ‘for Dummies’ guides, lay out the steps for your audience to replicate and you’ve got a great, and very useful, piece of content.


Just like this article, lists are the most common type of blog post; from’30 things to do before you’re 30’ to ‘The top 10 most liked Instagram photos’ we love them! It’s a form of marketing that’s older than SEO and Social Media, just look at your favourite magazine! They are one of the easiest piece of content to write; write your list first and then you can create the content for each point. There is no ‘magic’ number either – if it’s an interesting enough topic, 10 works just as well as 100!


I love reading and looking for content and articles to inspire me to build a better business. I have Google alerts set up for my favourite newspapers and forums, as well as Feedly, to make sure the content I’m after is put in front of me on a regular basis. I’m always scrolling through my LinkedIn feed too to see what my peers and colleagues are currently talking about and sharing.

Look for popular topics that are getting a lot of posts but also keep educating yourself. The more I read, the more ideas I get.

Copy & Paste

No, this isn’t an encouragement to plagiarise someone else’s written work, however there is a reason certain articles do well – they’re popular topics. Finding content from other high-flyers in your niche can be a brilliant way for you to generate ideas of your own and write an even better piece of content!

There are countless more ideas but hopefully this will help get your brain going and offer a little inspiration. Enjoy!


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